Using Filters

Use filters to drill down on certain dimensions on the Business Intelligence page.

Filters on the Business Intelligence Page

You can apply filters to dimension panels on the Business Intelligence page that will apply to the entire Business Intelligence page. For example, you can filter the entire Business Intelligence page to show only data for your mobile devices by applying a filter in the Device panel.

You can apply up to 3 dimension filters at a time to the Business Intelligence page along with a date range filter. For example, you can filter the Business Intelligence page to only show information relating to tablets and Canada within the last week. For this example you would apply filters to the Device and Geography dimensions and select Week at the upper right portion of the UI.

Filters and Discovery Data

The Discovery information is available with only the Player filter applied or without any filters applied. If any other filters are used (Country, Device, etc.), Discovery data will not be available. To view Discovery data, deselect all filters except Player or deselect all filters.

Date Ranges for Filter Queries

To ensure that you experience a reasonable load time in the UI:

Queryable Data

For information on Ooyala's data retention policy, please see the Data Retention section of How Ooyala IQ Works.

For information on how much historical data will be migrated from v2 Analytics to Ooyala IQ, please see Data Migration (Deprecated).