Syndication with YouTube

For YouTube syndication (that is, exporting videos to YouTube), Backlot automatically uploads the source files of videos directly to YouTube, which handles all transcoding and the generation of preview images.

Syndication Occurs in One Direction

Syndication with YouTube is "one-way": your content and settings in Backlot are pushed to YouTube.
Settings and content on YouTube are not pulled back into Backlot.

One YouTube Syndication per YouTube Account

You can have only one YouTube syndication for a single YouTube account. For example, if you have YouTube accounts and, has its YouTube syndication and must have a separate YouTube syndication.

YouTube Account Limits

Ooyala does not impose a limit on the size and duration of videos files that you syndicate to YouTube. These limits are determined by your relationship with YouTube (your YouTube account settings). Ignore the message in the Backlot UI shown below.

How YouTube Handles Changes

YouTube does not let you replace the content of a previously uploaded (or syndicated) video. Instead, YouTube assigns any new video content a new identifier (ID). Because of this design, many changes you make to assets or settings on Backlot cause YouTube to create new video identifiers, including the following: