Chromecast Receiver Application

Important: This topic contains older information and has been deprecated. For the latest information about Ooyala integration with Chromecast, see Chromecast Integration.

Receiver Application

The receiver application is an HTML5/JavaScript application that runs on the Chromecast device. The receiver application performs the following functions:

The Receiver application framework:

We offer two sample receivers that you can get started with: the default receiver and the custom receiver.

Default Receiver

The default receiver application contains simplified code with playback capabilities and styling abstracted from the Receiver app. This receiver allows for quick and easy implementation for testing purposes, and so on. Use this receiver if you don’t want to make complicated customizations to the receiver UI. You can only customize logos and icons in the default receiver UI.

This receiver is recommended for customers who need:

The sample default receiver is now open source. Go to and open receiver_default.html.

Custom Receiver

The custom receiver application interacts with the Cast Receiver Library and is more verbose to allow for rich customization. The custom receiver UI can be used “as-is” or can be customized. Use a chromeless player and build your own UI on top of the custom receiver and/or customize playback capabilities.

This receiver is recommended for customers:

The sample custom receiver is now open source. Go to and open receiver_custom.html.