Send Discovery Impressions for iOS Native

Call the sendImpression method when a recommended video is accessed. This will send Discovery feedback.

Table 1. sendImpression
Parameter Description
options Input parameter of type OODiscoveryOptions. An instance of OODiscoveryOptions encapsulates an OODiscoveryType, a limit of how many Discovery results are desired, and a timeout time interval for http connections. The OODiscoveryType is an enum that can be set to either OODiscoveryTypeSimilarAssets, OODiscoveryTypePopular, or OODiscoveryTypeMomentum. By default, OODiscoveryOptions are instantiated with similar assets.
bucketInfo Input parameter of type NSString. The bucket info ID.
pcode Input parameter of type NSString. The pcode.
parameters Input parameter of type NSDictionary. The parameters as key-value pairs. For a detailed list and examples of parameters, please refer to the Summary of Ooyala Discovery REST API Requests.

This method is static.