Ooyala Transcoding Service (OTS) Release Notes

OTS Enhancements (2018-02-06)

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Support for Transcoding VR 360 Videos (2017-12-20)

This release introduces support for transcoding VR 360 videos for optimized playback in the Ooyala player. Currently, only clear HLS and DASH streams are supported with VR 360. By default, Ooyala provides a single-bitrate processing profile for any videos identified on upload as VR 360. This profile creates at minimum an ~8 Mbps HLS and/or DASH stream with a 4K resolution of 3840p. Ooyala ingestion maintains the source aspect ratio and calculates height dynamically, while the source frame rate is also retained from the source file. For details, see Encoding Recommendations for Player V4. For an overview, see VR 360 Videos.

OTS Enhancements (2017-10-12)

OTS Enhancements (2017-07-20)

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