Analytics in Player V4

To report playback statistics for analytics, use any of the analytics plugins that integrate with Player V4.
Note: Ooyala IQ Analytics is automatically included with Player V4. No separate plugin is needed. For details, see:

Tracking Opt-Out Controls

The Web Player provides two setting levels for tracking metrics. These are: default and disabled.
  • Default: This is the value used if the value is default or undefined. Standard analytics tracking is done done in this case. Ooyala does not capture and store personally identifiable information (PII), except where necessary to facilitate specific functions (i.e. purchases), and specifically provided from the website or application. However, Ooyala does create a random unique device identifier (GUID) that is stored and persists between sessions so that unique user counts can be accurate.
  • Disabled: For this setting, all tracking events are disabled.
    Note: IMPORTANT: If this setting is used, all video analytics (media play events) will not be reported for users, so products like IQ will under-report actual usage.

Analytics Plugins

You can use the following analytics plugins. These plugins were developed using the Analytics Framework.

Run-time Playback Flow

During playback, a playback event triggers notification about the event to the analytics provider.


If you want to track bitrate information for analytics purposes, you must use one of the following video plugins: The HLS and MP4 Main video plugin (main_html5.min.js) does not report bitrate information.