Discovering Content in Player V4

Discovery enables you to keep users engaged by directing them to related and relevant content on your site. Discovery learns continuously from video impressions and plays to provide users with a dynamic, personalized experience.
Using Discovery, you can recommend:

Enabling Discovery for Your Account

Discovery must be explicitly enabled for your Ooyala Backlot account. If it is not already enabled, contact your Ooyala account representative to activate Discovery features for your site.

Configuring Discovery

You configure discovery settings using the Discover tab in Backlot. For instructions, see Configuring Discovery in the Backlot UI.

Adding the Discovery Plugin to an HTML Page

Note: Discovery and Playlists (created using ThemeBuilder) each control end screen behavior, so you cannot use them together. When you embed a player on a web page, you can use either Discovery or Playlists, but not both.
To use Discovery with Player V4:
Discovery functionality requires the playerBrandingId you specify on the page.

Customizing the Discovery User Interface

In addition to using Backlot (see Configuring Discovery in the Backlot UI), you can customize the Discovery interface by modifying settings in the skin.json config file or in CSS properties.

Discovery settings in skin.json

You can change Discovery interface settings in skin.json: For more information, see Customizing the Player V4 Skin with skin.json.

Discovery settings in CSS

You can customize the Discovery interface by modifying settings under the discoveryScreen element. See Customizing the Player V4 Appearance Using CSS for instructions.

Customizing Video Recommendations

You can change settings that Ooyala's video recommendations engine uses to generate recommendations for consumers. See Configuring Discovery in the Backlot UI for instructions.

Discovery and Autoplay

For more information

To learn more about Discovery, see: