Player V3 Platform and Browser Support (Deprecated)

Player V3 provides support for Flash playback, HTML5 playback, and Flash playback (with HTML5 fallback) for a number of platforms.

Important: Ooyala Player V3 is deprecated and is scheduled to be disabled on 2018-01-31. After that date, Player V3 will no longer play your video or audio content. Customers still using Player V3 need to migrate to Player V4 (see Migrating from Player V3 and Player Migration FAQ).

HTML5 Player V3 - Supported Browsers

HTML5 Player V3 works with the following browsers on all Ooyala supported devices:

Browser Player Support
Chrome Flash and HTML5 playback (MP4)
  • Firefox v 38+: Flash playback with HTML5 fallback (MP4)
  • Prior Firefox versions: Flash playback only
Internet Explorer (9+) Flash and HTML5 playback (MP4)
Note: Internet Explorer v8-v10 does not support true fullscreen mode in JavaScript. Fullscreen support is enabled in IE11 and later.
Microsoft Edge (Windows 10) Flash and HTML5 playback (MP4).
Safari Flash and HTML5 playback (MP4 and HLS).

Note: Per the Apple Support Team, Apple has blocked older versions of Flash Player (versions prior to and in Safari.

HTML5 Player V3 - Supported Platforms

Note: Support for the HTML5 player on Windows 8 phones and tablets will be available in a future release.

Supported Platforms for Flash Player V3 (Desktop only)

Windows Desktop Mac Desktop