Creating a Channel Set (Deprecated)

Once a channel set is created, you can add channels.

Note: Channels and channel sets have been deprecated and are scheduled to be disabled. For details and alternatives, see the OVP Release Notes.
Note: For more information about Backlot REST API commands, see the Backlot API Reference.

To create a channel set:

Use POST and /v2/assets with the asset_type set to channelset in the request body. The following example creates the "My Channel Set" channel set.
   "name": "My Channel Set",
   "asset_type": "channel_set" 

Backlot returns a response similar to the following.

   "asset_type": "channel_set",
   "duration": 0,
   "name": "My Channel Set",
   "preview_image_url": null,
   "created_at": "2011-08-10T18:20:03+00:00",
   "embed_code": "IwYTVxMjqLtYHmwqy",
   "time_restrictions": null,
   "updated_at": "2011-08-10T18:20:04+00:00",
   "external_id": null,
   "hosted_at": null,
   "original_file_name": null,
   "description": null,
   "status": "live" 

The channel set is successfully created.