Creating an Integrated Receiver Application for Chromecast

The following content describes how to create an integrated receiver application.

Important: This topic contains older information and has been deprecated. For the latest information about Ooyala integration with Chromecast, see Chromecast Integration.
Note: You need to host the receiver application on your own server (you cannot use Ooyala’s receiver directly). Set up Cross-Origin Resource Sharing ( CORS ) enablement on the CDN you use for content serving.
Use the following steps to create an integrated receiver application:

  1. Host the receiver HTML page on your server.
  2. Register your receiver HTML page in the Google Cast SDK developer console at Google Cast SDK Developer Console.
  3. Retrieve the receiver application ID from the Google Cast SDK developer console.
  4. Put the receiver application ID into the sender application code (see Creating an Integrated Android Sender Application or Creating an Integrated iOS Sender Application for how to add this to the sender application).