Testing the Ooyala CocoaPods Tutorial

To complete this tutorial have the following:

Use the following steps to download, configure, and test the Ooyala CocoaPods sample app.

  1. Get the CocoaPods Sample App from the Ooyala iOS Sample Apps Git repository and save it to your drive.
  2. Open a terminal instance, navigate to the CocoaPods base directory, and run the following command:
    pod install
    This command performs the following tasks:
    • Downloads all project and CocoaPods dependencies
    • Installs the Ooyala SDK
    • Generates the Pods project
  3. Run the BasicPlaybackSampleApp.xcworkspace using the following command:
    open BasicPlaybackSampleApp.xcworkspace
    The project is now open in Xcode.
  4. Press play to run the project in the simulator.
Explore the project files to learn more about a CocoaPods project. For more information about using CocoaPods with Ooyala projects see: