Preprogrammed Report Types

The types of preprogrammed reports in the Analytics V3 Reporting API are described below. "Preprogrammed" means that the various report types each include default dimensions and metrics, without your having to specify any. You can, however, modify the preprogrammed report with whatever dimensions, metrics, or filters you want.

The report type value is specified with the report_type= query string parameter.

Report Type Description Data generally available after event
performance Shows comprehensive performance data for all your videos, along with sharing information, engagement information, and unique information.
  • Sharing information shows the number of shares (on Facebook and other social media) for all your videos.
  • The engagement information shows data related to user behavior. Can help you determine the effects of advertising placements. It displays a count of the users at certain points as a video is played. (These are sometimes called "drop-off points.") With this information, you can identify those points in your video where users possibly lose interest and stop viewing.
  • Unique information shows data related to unique users.
1 hour