Uploading VR 360 Content

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This section describes how to upload VR 360 type assets into Backlot. For an overview of VR 360, see VR 360 Videos.

vr360type Attribute

Uploading a VR 360 video is similar to uploading a flat video. The main difference is that you specify the vr360type attribute as a query parameter to specify whether the content is one of the following values:
  • monoscopic - one image is directed at both eyes
  • stereoscopic(side-by-side) - two images are separately directed to each eye
You must specify the vr360type in the initial POST /v2/assets call.

Uploading a New VR 360 Asset

You can pass vr360type as a query parameter to a POST /v2/assets request. For example:
If the request parameter contains the vr360type attribute, then Backlot identifies the content as a VR 360 video and returns the embed_code property that uniquely identifies the VR 360 asset in Backlot. For more information about this route, see Creating an Asset: POST.

Retrieving Details for a VR 360 Video

Use the GET method with the /v2/assets/asset_id route to retrieve the asset (see Viewing Asset Information: GET for details). For example, calling [GET]/v2/assets/Y1dTdvMjq9QtOX would retrieve something like:
  "name": "My two-minute long video VR stereo side",
  "description": null,
  "price": null,
  "flight_start_time": null,
  "flight_end_time": null,
  "updated_at": "2017-12-15T16:44:33Z",
  "preview": null,
  "provider_id": 104185,
  "processing_end": null,
  "reconstituted_source_file_available": false,
  "processing_progress": 0,
  "id": 73066525,
  "embed_code": "XxXXXxXXX9xx9-XxxxXX9XXx9XxXXxxX",
  "created_at": "2017-12-15T16:44:32Z",
  "status": "uploading",
  "promo": null,
  "error_text": null,
  "file_size": 412895,
  "asset_type": "video",
  "hosted_at": null,
  "duration": 0,
  "player_id": "8b56997ec19949048ea49b7ad3206c65",
  "price_group_id": null,
  "preview_image_url": null,
  "preview_image_url_ssl": null,
  "is_ad": false,
  "original_file_name": "my_source_file.avi",
  "ad_set_id": "a5b446ca84cd4291a7e8208f8372e544",
  "external_id": null,
  "labels": [],
  "publishing_rule_id": "ffdec05483904b0cbaf0333ee40b9d8d",
  "time_restrictions": null,
  "download_allowed": "N",
  "vr360type": "stereoscopic(side-by-side)"

Changing the VR 360 Type

If you want to change the vr360type setting for an existing asset (for example, from "monoscopic" to "stereoscopic(side-by-side)"), you need to replace the asset, as described in the next section.

Replacing Content

For content replacement, the Backlot API expects a file_size and chunk_size (optional). For VR360 videos, the additional vr360type parameter is required. For details, see ../tasks/api_asset_replacement.html.