Change the Watchlist Name

This endpoint changes the name of the specified watchlist.
Note: You cannot rename the user's default watchlist.

HTTP Request

    name": "New watchlist name",

Query Parameters

Parameter Description Type Required
api_version Must be v3. String Yes (URL)
watchlist_id The ID of the watchlist to rename. This must be a valid UIID, and it must exist under the user's account. You cannot rename a user's default watchlist. UUIDv4 OR String Yes (URL)
account_token Used by the Watchlist Service to reference the watchlist associated with a particular end user (identified by their UUID). For details, see Ooyala Account Token API. String Yes (URL)
name New name for the watchlist. You cannot specify "default" or a watchlist name that already exists for this user. Name comparisons are case sensitive. For example, renaming "MY_WATCHLIST" to "my_watchlist" would work. String Yes (body)

Return Codes

Code Reason Description
200 OK PUT request succeeded. Watchlist was updated successfully.
400 Request error Failed due to any of the following issues:
  • Parameters are missing or formatted incorrectly.
  • The specified watchlist_id is the default watchlist for this user.
  • The specified watchlist name is "default" (or any case variation of the word).
  • The watchlist with the specified name already exists for this user.
401 Unauthorized The specified account_token is invalid.
404 Not found The server is down.
500 Internal server error An internal server error occurred.


    "name" : "latest action movies"
Response (Success)