Configurable DRM

Digital Rights Management (DRM) enables you to control how viewers consume and access your high value content through DRM policies. DRM policies can be set at the account or asset level.

Note: For more information about Backlot REST API commands, see the Backlot API Reference.

Ooyala supports these types of DRM technologies: Apple FairPlay, Adobe Access, Widevine Modular, and Playready. Adobe Access is used with Flash. Widevine is used for mobile devices. Playready is used when specifically set up for your account.

The following is an example of a DRM policy:

      "name":"HD Policy",
         "can persist":true,
Note: You can have multiple DRM policies that you can assign to your account or to individual assets, but Ooyala must configure the policies. For more information, contact your Customer Success Manager or Ooyala Support.