Filtering with Labels

The following request and response example shows how to change the label(s) associated with recommendations for a profile. The following example uses the PATCH method with the from_labels property and uses the ID of the label set to provide recommendations based on that label.

Note: Label can be assigned from a sub-account to a player in the master account.
Note: To retrieve a list of all label IDs use the following request:
[GET] /v2/labels


[PATCH] /v2/players/{player_id}/discovery/profile
  "discovery_controls": {
    "recommendation_scope": {
      "from_labels": [


"id": "se5c",
"name": "ForProfiles",
"watermark": {
"alpha": "1.0",
"image_url": null,
"scaling_percentage": null,
"click_url": null,
"position": "bottom-right",
"scaling_option": "no_scale"
"provider_homepage_url": "",
"default_closed_caption_language": "",
"related_videos": {
"source": "discovery",
"sort": "upload_time",
"order": "desc",
"click_behavior": "new_page",
"labels": "a77e7871246c4d20b923b4559822d5be"
      "provider_name": "",
"audio": {
"show_download": "false"