A track is the basis of Ooyala Schedule.

A track is composed of one or more linearly scheduled track segments.
Tracks have the following structure.
Note: The live_stream_asset_id property is optional.
   "id": "8ffbfcda77fb40b0af6425ae24752254",
   "name": "P12N",
   "live_stream_asset_id": "0yMTVoMzpqSB_nCyAJwvaAXSePizm6I3"

Create a track

   "name": "new track"

View all tracks


View one track


Delete a track


Modify a track

   "name": "new track"

Route Attributes

The following table describes all attributes that can be expressed through the route.

Route Attribute Description

The ID of the track.

Type: String

Default: None

Example: /v2/tracks/8ffbfcda77fb40b0af6425ae24752254


The following table describes all properties that can be associated with a track.

Property Description Required?

Identifier of a live stream or remote live stream.

Type: String

Example: "0yMTVoMzpqSB_nCyAJwvaAXSePizm6I3"


A descriptive name for this track.

Type: String

Valid Values: Limit of 256 characters. Must not contain control characters, except for newline (char 10) or carriage return (char 13).

Example: "my fave track"



This example creates a track:

   "name": "my fave track",

Backlot returns a response similar to the following:

   "id": "2162e39c331d407d9176895f34e36af8",
   "name": "my fave track"
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