Ads Pass-Through Parameters (Player V2 Deprecated)

This topic lists and describes the Player Pass-Through Parameters for advanced ad tracking and targeting.

Ad Pass-Through Parameters

Important: Ooyala Player V2 is deprecated and is scheduled to be disabled on 2018-01-31. After that date, Player V2 will no longer play your video or audio content. Customers still using Player V2 need to migrate to Player V4 (see Player V4.

The values of these parameters are tags from your ad server or ad network account and can be passed to the Ooyala Player for advanced ad tracking and targeting. The following table shows the list of the thruParam_ options that we currently support for ad servers and ad networks:

Parameter Description




thruParam_as247 Open AdStream 24/7




thruParam_brightrollOverlay Brightroll Overlay.
thruParam_cbsi CBS Interactive
thruParam_dartEnterprise DART Enterprise.
thruParam_dartEnterpriseOverlay DART Enterprise Overlay
thruParam_doubleclick DoubleClick
thruParam_freewheel FreeWheel
thruParam_google Google AdSense
thruParam_lightningcast Lightningcast
thruParam_liverail LiveRail (VAST)
thruParam_liverail-ads-manager LiveRail
thruParam_openx OpenX

thruParam_tremor-ads-manager Tremor Media
thruParam_tv2n TV2N
thruParam_vast VAST
thruParam_vastOverlay VAST Overlay
thruParam_videoad Ooyala Video Ad
thruParam_yume YuMe

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