HTML5 API Summary List (Player V2 Deprecated)

Lists and describes all Player HTML5 APIs grouped by Functions/Methods, Objects, Properties and Events.

Important: Ooyala Player V2 is deprecated and is scheduled to be disabled on 2018-01-31. After that date, Player V2 will no longer play your video or audio content. Customers still using Player V2 need to migrate to Player V4 (see Player V4.
This section describes how to customize the playback experience on HTML5 devices, including iOS devices. The HTML5 API provides some of the most commonly used API requests for HTML5 playback: play, pause, seek, and change embedCode. Note that iOS devices only support user-initiated actions. For example, a video can only play when a user clicks a UI element such as a play button; videos cannot play automatically. To enable the API, you need to supply several parameters in the JavaScript embed snippet:
  • callback -- Name of the function that will receive event notification callbacks.
  • playerId (String) -- ID of player invoking the callback
  • parameters (Object) -- Extra notification parameters
For example:
<script src="
		?width=608 &callback=playerAPICallback &embedCode=s0MmVvMTrSlB1ZLzaWXnKZaa42Ib5rJV &height=342 &playerId=ooplayer">

HTML5 Functions

The following table describes the Player HTML5 functions.

Function Description

Pause the current video.


Play the current video.


Set the embedCode for the current player.


Set the playhead to a new location in seconds with millisecond accuracy.

ActionScript Examples

The following lists the available query string pass-through parameter examples. Click the link to see the example.