Dynamic Channel API (Deprecated)

Dynamic channels are similar to standard Ooyala channels in that they display a series of videos, but different in that you are giving the player directions on what videos to play as opposed to an explicit list.

Note: This software is deprecated. Use the latest version.

These directions can include labels, ordering information, embed codes, and/or a provider code. All examples are given as query-string parameters to the embed code.

Creating Dynamic Channels

Basic channel creation requires either an embed code, provider code, or both. When the embedCode is specified, embedCode will take precedence and will be the first video displayed, followed by the other videos from the account given the sorting and ordering information. The simplest form of a dynamic channel is one beginning with a specified video and including all other video available from the account with the default ordering of most recent upload time.



A full list of required and optional parameters are listed below along with more detailed examples.

Signing and Expiration of Dynamic Channels (Required)

Dynamic channels requests require a signature and expiration be added to the query string. Signing can be done in the same way as other API requests with the exception of the date. Instead of using an expiration of seconds since epoch, dynamic channels use an expiration format of YYYYMMDDhhmm.

For example, an expiration of 201012191844, represents 2010 December 19, 18:44.

For more details on signature generation please review the Signing section.

Specifying the Embed as a Dynamic Channel (Required)

In order to specify that the embed is a dynamic channel the additional query string parameter dynamicChannel=true must be added to the embed.

Using Labels (Required)

Video selection can also be based off of labels:

  • labels=* – Includes all live videos in the account. (Excludes channels, channelsets, ads)
  • labels=. – Includes all account content having the same label as the embedCode.
  • labels='comma-separated list of URI-escaped labels' – Includes all account content matching the label list.

Dynamic Channel Ordering

There are several options to order the videos in a channel:

  • orderBy=uploadTime – Order lineup by most recently uploaded. (Default)
  • orderBy=title – Order lineup alphabetically by title.
  • orderBy=random – Order lineup randomly each time it is played.

Dynamic Channel Direction

There are several options to order the videos in a channel:

  • orderDirection=asc – List videos in ascending order. (Default)
  • orderDirection=desc – List videos in descending order.

Limiting Number of Videos in Dynamic Channels

  • limit – To specify a maximum number of videos to include in a channel. This defaults to 32 and has a maximum value of 100.

Available Channel and Player Parameters

Player parameters apply to Dynamic Channels as they do to standard channels:

  • transition – Specify play to show the next movie or specify selector to show the channel browser after each video in a channel. Default is play.
  • view – Specify whether the initial state of the player is normal (shows the video) or the channel. Default is normal.
  • browserPlacement – For a channel, specify where external controls are placed, either left or right. Can include a percentage or a width in pixels that will be occupied by the controls as in left40 for left and 40% of the width, or left200px to specify left and 200 pixels. The default left or right value is 50%.

A full list of available player parameters can be reviewed in the Player API at http://www.ooyala.com/support/docs/player_api#parameters.

Dynamic Channel Caveats


To protect the dynamic channel embed code from being misused, any videos included in a dynamic channel must be authorized for the domain the channel is embedded in (or ALL domains) or they will not be displayed.


Due to the highly dynamic nature of this type of channel, statistics are included on a per-video basis not on a per-channel basis.

Dynamic Channel Examples

These examples display the query string parameters and values necessary for a dynamic channel. Note that they do not include all parameters like height, width, signature, etc.

For example, to include all videos for the account with the pcode of 6Fna8C1JRtT8lupf86FFuoIgAD you would use:


20 most recently uploaded videos:


Most recently uploaded video per a given label:


First play a specific video and then all videos with a given label in random order: