Features of the Mobile SDK for Android

Rapidly develop rich, custom video application experiences for mobile devices using the Ooyala Mobile SDK for Android. The SDK includes methods and classes to play videos, display ads, query Ooyala content, and more. The SDK includes APIs for:

  • Playback (including playback for VR 360 videos)
  • Playlists/Channels - Thumbnails
  • Downloading video assets for offline usage (see below).
  • Info
  • Related Media
  • Live (New)
  • Ads
  • Analytics
  • Fully integrated analytics to understand mobile usage
  • Closed Captions
  • APIs for loading and displaying closed captions through DFXP (now TTML) files

The Ooyala Android SDK provides users with the ability to download video assets so that theycan be played offline. For more information, see Introduction to Offline Playback: Download to Own (DTO) and Rentals (DTR).