Viewing Usage Metrics

Use the Usage subtab under the ACCOUNT tab to view usage metrics for activity on your Backlot account. The Usage subtabdisplays monthly usage totals at the top, and daily usage statistics in the graphs below.

Daily and Monthly Usage Statistics

The Ooyala server stores usage statistics in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). The Ooyala Billing System calculates usage statistics according to your Backlot UI account’s local timezone setting (as specified on the Account Settings subtab under the ACCOUNT tab).

For daily usage metrics, absolute midnight is the moment when one day changes to the next. Similarly, absolute midnight marks the change between the last day of one month and the first day of the next month.

Note: Totals for Usage Metrics may differ from totals for Ooyala Analytics due to differences in the way statistics are calculated. For usage statistics, Ooyala freezes data at the end of month, and the totals are used for billing customers. For analytics, on the other hand, we keep updating totals if we receive late logs or if there are any other delays in processing.

Selected Time Period

By default, the Usage subtab displays values for the current month. Totals are cumulative from the first day of the month to the current date. To view usage metrics for a prior month, choose it from the Month selector in the upper right corner. Backlot UI stores metrics for up to a year.

Note: Transcoded minutes are displayed only for prior months.

Subaccounts and Master Accounts

Sub-account users see statistics for their sub-account only. Master accounts see aggregated statistics for all of their sub-accounts.

Usage Metrics

The Usage tab displays the following metrics.


The Streams metric represents the number of times the playback of your content was started (not necessarily completed). For example, if a viewer starts and drops out, this activity still counts as a stream. The usage graph plots the number of streams (y-axis) on a daily basis (x-axis).

Transcoded Minutes

The Transcoded Minutes metric represents the sum of the lengths of all videos (in minutes) multiplied by the number of versions (encodings) produced by Ooyala's transcoding system.

Ooyala calculates this metric after the end of each calendar month for the preceding month. This is why this statistic is always zero (0) when the current month is selected in Backlot UI. Otherwise, a value of zero usually means that there was no transcoding for the selected month or, if your Ooyala account is new, it can simply represent the set-up time before transcoding begins.

Live Transcoding Minutes

Live Transcoding Minutesrefer to the length in minutes of the live to VOD conversion of a single bit rate file by the Live platform. VOD Transcoding minutes may not be used in connection with the Live platform and shall be subject to separate usage based pricing and charges as set forth in your Contract.

Live Packaging Minutes

The Packaging Minutes metric represents the sum of the lengths of all live channels and/or events (in minutes) to package content in.

Processed Content

The Processed Content metric represents the average daily gigabytes (GB) of all content stored by Ooyala, including both source and transcoded files. The usage graph plots the average daily GB (y-axis) that occurred on a daily basis (x-axis).

Ooyala calculates totals after end of day and displays totals within 24 hours after the fact. Therefore, daily usage for processed content might display the current day with data marked as "N/A" (not available) because the day has not yet ended and therefore the value has not yet been calculated.

VoD GB Delivered

The VoD GB Delivered metric represents the total number of gigabytes (GB) of content that was delivered to players, content data networks, or some other destination. The usage graph plots the GB delivered (y-axis) on a daily basis (x-axis). Ooyala calculates anddisplays totals within 24-48 hours after the fact.

Live GB Delivered

The Live GB Delivered metric represents the total number of gigabytes (GB) of live stream content that was delivered via Ooyala's CDN to players, content data networks, or some other destination. Statistics are calculated on a daily basis.

Note: This usage metric appears only if you use Akamai as your CDN for Live Delivery.