Displays, Plays, and Play Starts (Deprecated)

Ooyala Player usage is subdivided by events for displays, plays, and plays starts.

Warning: The v2 Analytics API has been deprecated. See Ooyala IQ Analytics for more details on the new v3 Analytics API.
As recorded for Ooyala Analytics, the Ooyala Player categorizes video play events by three sub-events: displays, plays, and play starts. These data are gathered from discrete events in the Ooyala Player, as described below. In the Analytics reports from the Backlot UI, these events are selectable from the Plays menu:

Plays = Play Events

Initial Plays = Play Start Events

Player Loads = Display Events

Display Events, or "Player Loaded"

Displays measure the number of times that a piece of video content is loaded and displayed within the player before it gets played (displays are related to each individual asset). Each time an embed code is changed, this event gets triggered by the Ooyala Player event CONTENT_TREE_FETCHED, as noted in Player V3 Message Bus Events (Deprecated).

Loading the player does not necessarily mean a video will be played, only that player has loaded. Some scenarios in which display events are generated but there is no play include the following:

  • No video autoplay, and the consumer does not click “play.”

  • Autoplay enabled, but consumer abandons page before player has time to start playing.

Similarly, a single display event (or player load) can result in multiple video plays, for example if multiple videos in a playlist are viewed consecutively within the same player instance.

Play Events

A play event measures the number of times that the "Play" button is triggered either manually or automatically. The requested content could be ad content or the actual video content (a play is counted regardless of which type of content is requested to play). Plays currently don’t include the Replay event.

This is triggered by the Ooyala Player event WILL_PLAY_FROM_BEGINNING, as noted in Player V3 Message Bus Events (Deprecated).

No distinction is made between pre-roll ads and the actual video asset itself. Either constitutes a "play."

Play Start Events

A "play start" event measures the number of times that actual non-ad video content starts playing. If the user initiates the playback experience and only watches a pre-roll ad without continuing on to the actual video content, a Play count is reported, but not a Start. Play Starts is only recorded if the user waits until the actual video starts playing back.

This is triggered by the Ooyala Player event PLAYHEAD_TIME_CHANGED, as noted in Player V3 Message Bus Events (Deprecated).


In this example, a player configured to autoplay plays four videos back-to-back without interruption. An assumption here is that either there are no pre-roll ads or the viewer lets all pre-roll ads play and finally views the videos.
Figure 1. Autoplay Four Consecutive Videos
Below, the key difference from the first example is that the viewer abandons viewing during the pre-roll ad before the third video starts. In this example, for the third video, only the "play" event is recorded, not "play start" because the viewer abandons during the ad before the "play start" event can be recorded.
Figure 2. Autoplayer with Pre-roll Ads, Viewer Abandons during Pre-roll Ad of Third Consecutive Video