Ooyala IQ Dashboard

Use the analytics dashboard, an enhancement of Ooyala IQ, to see what is happening with your content in real time so you can make decisions and take immediate action.

The dashboard has the following sections:

  • Key performance indicator metrics across the top, including:
  • Popular Now: The Popular Now subsection lists the content that has the largest number of users watching it right now. Use the paging buttons to move from page to page.

  • Top 10 Countries by Current Users: A real-time global heat map. The global heat map shows where your content is being viewed in the world. The darker the shade of blue is, the more viewers you have. The orange dots show cities with the highest viewership. Use the slider on the left to zoom in or out.

    Underneath the map, the top ten country list scrolls through the top ten countries, displaying the number of current users in each and the percentage the country represents out of the current total viewers.

  • Trending Past Hour: A list of the top videos, with the number of users who viewed them, that have had the largest percentage increase in engagement (momentum) in the most recent 60 minutes. This display has multiple pages. Use the numbers in the upper right corner to switch between pages. Momentum is calculated using a combination of time watched and the hourly increase of a video's performance against its baseline. Ooyala supports different time window sizes, and the baseline will always be the next larger time window (in the case of a time window of the past day, the baseline would be the past week). A video that was watched for 1000 minutes during the last hour and an average of 500 minutes for the day has a higher momentum than a video that was watched for 500 minutes during the current hour and an average of 500 minutes for the day. This section is updated every 20 to 40 minutes.

  • Top Content: Contains two subsections: a graph and a list of top content. The graph shows plays requested, displays, or hours of play for the period of time you specify. The top content list shows content with the most plays requested, displays, or hours of play during the same period.


Current Users, Popular Now, and Top 10 Countries by Current Users are updated every second with a latency of less than 30 seconds.

Trending Past Hour is updated every hour with a latency of 1 hour.

All other metrics on the page are updated every 2-4 hours with a latency of 2-4 hours.

What's Changed From Ooyala Now to the Dashboard

The dashboard has been updated. Formerly known as the Ooyala Now page, the dashboard received cosmetic and functional improvements. A functional improvement is that Ooyala Now could only show up to three top popular videos based on the total concurrent users. The new dashboard can show up to ten of the top popular videos based on the total concurrent users.