Business Intelligence Error Handling

Use error messages on the Business Intelligence page to troubleshoot issues.

The following errors can appear in the Business Intelligence page:
Error Message Troubleshooting Tips
NO DATA AVAILABLE FOR DISPLAY This error message occurs when there is no data available for display. To resolve this error, try the following:
  • Make sure the date range set at the upper left of the Business Intelligence page is set to a range that contains data (and data that can be analyzed by Ooyala IQ routes).
  • Relax the filters you have set on the data.
UNABLE TO COMPLETE THE REQUEST. PLEASE TRY AGAIN LATER This error message occurs when your request fails or takes longer than expected. To resolve this error, contact Technical Support.
DISCOVERY DATA IS NOT AVAILABLE FOR THE FILTERS APPLIED The Discovery information is available with only the Player filter applied or without any filters applied. If any other filters are used (Country, Device, etc.), Discovery data will not be available. To view Discovery data, deselect all filters except Player or deselect all filters.
DATA UNAVAILABLE FOR DATES EARLIER THAN MARCH 12, 2015 Discovery data is available for dates after March 12, 2015. Use the date selector to select a date after March 12, 2015.