Analytics Graphical User Interface (GUI) Differences (Deprecated)

Here are general differences in the GUI.

Warning: The v2 Analytics API has been deprecated. See Ooyala IQ Analytics for more details on the new v3 Analytics API.
  1. The major difference between the GUIs for v2 Analytics and Ooyala IQ is that Ooyala IQ allows much richer investigation because of multidimensional analysis. In v2 Analytics you have multiple pages in the GUI where analysis has to be done, such as the geography page, the domain page, and others. In Ooyala IQ, you also have different pages to work with, but you should concentrate primarily on the Business Intelligence page, which gives you an at-a-glance view of all your dimensions.
  2. UI reports
    v2 Analytics Ooyala IQ
    The reports for dimensions (by device, by geography, and so on) across the top each have a separate page. You are essentially looking at a single dimension on each page. The Business Intelligence page centralizes the investigation of all dimensions on a single page. When you filter by a dimension, the data for the other dimensions are constrained by that filter. Thus the reports are by nature multi-dimensional. For concrete examples, see Business Use Case Examples of Analyses, which illustrate how filtering works.
    Performance The Analytics Dashboard shows performance metrics, which you can also see on the Business Intelligence page.
    Engagement The Business Intelligence page Performance tab shows average time watched and other engagement-related metrics. The Video Details page gives a full view of the engagement metrics.
    Sharing No direct equivalent in GUI. Most users have sharing mechanisms on their own sites outside of the Ooyala Player, so be aware that the sharing data you see in the API is only the sharing that has happened through the Ooyala Player. Data are available via Ooyala IQ Reporting API.
    External Publishing No direct equivalent.
    The reports in V2 were all contained on their own page:

    In Ooyala IQ you can look at data for all of the dimensions at once:
  3. The v2 Analytics platforms dimension has been replaced in Ooyala IQ with the following: device_type, os, and browser.
  4. In Ooyala IQ you filter the report results by label using the Asset dimension box. To filter the Business Intelligence page by label, click the filter icon at the top right of the Asset dimension box and select "Filter by label". You can then select which label filter you want to apply to the entire Business Intelligence page.
  5. The v2 Analytics dimension called Domain has been renamed in the Ooyala IQ GUI as Traffic Source. This represents the sites where an asset has been viewed. Use the Traffic Source dimension in lieu of the old Domain dimension.
  6. Within the geography dimension panel in the Business Intelligence page you can filter your data by country. When you select a country you can filter even further by states or provinces. If states or provinces are not available for a country, "none" or "unknown" are shown.
  7. To manage the size of the datacubes, we have removed the city and tag dimensions.