Ooyala IQ Account Management

If you are using Ooyala IQ with a third-party player and third-party assets, use Ooyala Backlot for account management and viewing ingested metadata. Provider accounts that are used only for managing the catalog metadata when playback for that site/property is managed by a third-party Online Video Platform (OVP) will have limited access to Backlot. You will be enabled for account management and read-only asset management functionality in Backlot.

Supported Metadata

You can leverage labels to replicate your metadata structure from the third-party content management system. For example, you can create TV Series hierarchies. Backlot currently supports title, description, and label metadata.

Backlot Functionality

Provider accounts that are only used for managing third-party player catalog metadata will have access to the following Backlot functionality:
  • Access to the ACCOUNT tab, where you can manage your API secret key, Account Configuration and Managing Users.
  • Read-only access to the MANAGE tab, where you can view ingested assets and metadata.
Note: Only one Backlot username will be provided. Additional read-only users can be created by your Ooyala account manager upon request.