What Type of Content is Performing the Best on Mobile Devices?

Context: You want to know what type of content is performing best on mobile devices. To monitor different content types, such as clips, sports videos, and fashion videos, you can differentiate the content from each provider with labels. What type of content has the best performance?

How To in Ooyala IQ

Filter the Business Intelligence page to show only metrics for content you purchase from outside providers, then look at how each provider's content performed in the past month.

  1. Go to the Business Intelligence page.
  2. To filter all metrics on the content page by date, click Month in the "Breakdown by" selector at the top right of the page.
  3. Investigate your content by filtering by label.
    1. Go to the Asset dimension panel.
    2. Click the Filter icon at the top right of the Asset panel.
    3. Select Filter by Label.

      A tree of your labels appears.

    4. Click the arrow to expand the tree and view your labels.
    5. Click on a label.

      The label name appears with a selected checkbox next to it.

    6. Click Apply.

      The video list populates with all videos that have the selected label as part of their metadata.

  4. Apply filters on the Device dimension.
    1. Go to the Device dimension panel.
    2. Click the Filter icon at the top right of the Device panel.
    3. Check the checkbox next to "Phone".
    4. Click Apply.
  5. See which asset provided the most plays in the Asset panel.