Common Controls for Tables and Graphs

All of the dimension tables on the Business Intelligence and Video Details pages have similar controls for affecting the display.

In this section, the geography dimension is used to illustrate these common controls.

Icon/Widget Meaning/Use
For the Geography and Devices dimensions, use the pulldown menu in the upper left-hand corner of the dimension box to select the level of the data to display.
Dimension Levels
  • Show by Countries
  • Show by DMA
  • Show by Devices
  • Show by OS (Operating System)
(The dimensions other than Geography and Device do not have hierarchical levels, and so do not have this selection menu.)

In list mode, sort the data in the column by clicking the column heading.
Switch between a text view and graphical view of the current dataset.
Filter, or limit the amount of data displayed for the dimension. See discussion in Using Filters.
This control displays the dimension data in an expanded table view. See discussion in Viewing Expanded Tables.
This exports reports as CSV files. Reports can contain up to 1,000 rows.