Examining Videos Across Different Dimensions

Use the dimension panels on the Business Intelligence page to examine your videos across the different dimensions.

In the lower portion of the Business Intelligence page, data points for all dimensions are displayed, including Asset, Device, Geography, Player, and Traffic Source.
You can apply filters to any dimension that will apply across the entire Business Intelligence page.
Note: To filter the content on the Business Intelligence page by label, use the Asset dimension. The Asset dimension can be filtered by label or name (these filters apply across the entire Business Intelligence Page). For a detailed explanation of how to filter the asset dimension, see Filtering the Asset Dimension by Label or Name.
Note: By default, the dimension values are shown for all videos, unless you filters by one or a couple of videos. You have the ability to filter within the asset module (or other modules like geography, device, etc.) in the Business Intelligence page.

Troubleshooting Tips

  • The Ooyala mobile SDKs (Android and iOS) currently do not send a player_id, so the Player name for the mobile SDKs is attributed as "unknown".

  • For the "Show by Country" option, to view first-level administration divisions for each country, select list view and click the small arrow next to each country name. If states or provinces are not available for a country, "none" or "unknown" are shown.

  • The Discovery information is available with only the Player filter applied or without any filters applied. If any other filters are used (Country, Device, etc.), Discovery data will not be available. To view Discovery data, deselect all filters except Player or deselect all filters.

  • URL reporting is only available for the Traffic Source panel if you do not apply any filters to the Business Intelligence page. To view URL data, deselect all filters.