About Discovery for Android Native Apps

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The SDK now includes support for Discovery.

The DiscoveryManager class contains static methods to help you manage Discovery results.

It contains a Callback interface which, in turn, contains the callback method that notifies the Discovery results. That is defined by

            public void callback(Object results, OoyalaException error);

It takes parameters results (a container of Discovery results) and error (an OoyalaException object to capture a possible error). These are output parameters.

The DiscoveryManager class includes the following methods:

Table 1. Discovery Methods
Class Method Description
getResults Use this method to get Discovery results for a specific asset. For more information see Get Discovery Results for Android Native.
sendImpression Use this method to send Discovery feedback when a video recommendation is displayed. For more information see Send Discovery Impressions for Android Native.
sendClick Use this method to send Discovery feedback when a recommended video is accessed. For more information see Send Discovery Click Notifications for Android Native.