Integration with Google ExoPlayer on Android

Starting with Android version 4.12.0, Ooyala now offers premium HLS and MPEG-DASH playback experience for Android devices, both on web and native apps. With this Android SDK upgrade, you can very easily create native apps that provide wider coverage for video streaming, core playback, and advertising functionality, enabling you to build native apps over plain browser-based experiences.


With Google ExoPlayer integration, Ooyala offers following benefits:
  • Support for ABR via MPEG-DASH and HLS playback.
  • Consistent and high quality playback for MPEG-DASH HLS Live and VoD streams.
  • Support for Closed Captions with VoD and Live streams.
  • Advertising Support (Pre-, Mid-, and Post-rolls) with major Ad platforms (Google IMA, FreeWheel).
  • Broader Device/OS Coverage on Android phones and tablets.

ExoPlayer Support

  • Please check the Android SDK release notes to determine the version of ExoPlayer that is compatible with the release.
  • Starting with Ooyala Mobile SDK for Android version 4.25.0, the ExoPlayer is the default player.

Enabling ExoPlayer in Your Application

To enable Google ExoPlayer in your application:

  1. When building options, set the use of ExoPlayer to true:
    Options options = new Options.Builder().setUseExoPlayer(true).build();                  
  2. In the gradle file for the app, add the ExoPlayer dependency:
    { compile '' ... } 

For an example, visit ExoPlayerSampleApp in our sample app repository.