API Server Endpoints

Make your requests to these endpoints.

Ooyala has several API server endpoints. Use the one appropriate to your needs.

Table 1. Server Endpoints
Endpoint Service Description
player.ooyala.com/ Player API For video playback.
http://api.ooyala.com/ Backlot API (including Ooyala IQ v3 Analytics Reporting API) For normal usage of the Backlot API. Requests to this endpoint are rate-limited; see API Rate Limiting.
https://cdn-api.ooyala.com/ Backlot API High-performance endpoint for the Backlot API: unlimited GET requests against the cache. See High Performance API Endpoint.
http://rl.ooyala.com Ooyala Rights Locker Ooyala Rights Locker entitlements. See Rights Locker.