High Performance API Endpoint

The high performance API endpoint caches repeated requests from large volume web sites.

To use the High Performance API endpoint, make GET requests to the content delivery network (CDN):


The performance of the CDN high performance API endpoint often exceeds that of the normal service. The CDN is also geographically distributed, so response time is better in various parts of the world.

The CDN endpoint:

  • Accepts either HTTPS (preferred) or HTTP requests.
  • Accepts only GET requests.

Cache-friendly expires Parameter

The CDN caching layer maintains a copy of each response for approximately five minutes. When making requests, the CDN caches your exact request to return the same cached results in the future. If you change any part of the request, the CDN treats it as a new request. To ensure the best performance from the High Performance API, make sure the request expires parameter is "cache friendly"; that is, not too short. In the following Ruby snippet, the request always expires at the start of tomorrow:

 today = Date.today
 expires = Time.mktime(today.year, today.month, today.day) + 86400   

If you are generating URLs to use in an embedded Flash or iOS application, you can generate a URL that expires years in the future.