Your API Credentials

Your Ooyala API credentials include your API key and secret, which you provide to sign HTTP requests and when using the scratchpad.

Regardless of which endpoint you use, all requests must be signed by your Ooyala API credentials (your API key and API secret), and a signature computed from these and the request arguments. The API key and secret are viewable in your Backlot UI account. In the Backlot UI, go to the ACCOUNT tab, Developers subtab; the key and secret are on the left.

In addition, if you are a publisher (sometimes called "provider" or "partner"), Ooyala assigns you a pcode, which is required on some API requests. An API key has the following format: <pcode>.<string>. Your pcode is the alphanumeric string that precedes the period. For example, if the API key is xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xxxxx, then use the first 28 characters (xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) for the pcode.

For the general algorithm for signing requests, see General Algorithm for Signing Requests.

For code samples in various programming languages, see Sample Code for Signing Requests on the Support Site.

In addition, you can use your API credentials to make Backlot and v3 Analytics requests on the scratchpad at Ooyala API Scratchpad.