API Rate Limiting

Through the Ooyala APIs, you are allowed 300 requests per minute. Each minute, the counter resets.

All API requests cost one credit unless otherwise specified. If you do not have enough credits to make an API request you will receive a 429 response.

Each request made to our APIs, successful or not, returns the following headers:

  X-RateLimit-Credits  # The number of credits you have remaining.
  X-RateLimit-Reset    # The number of seconds until your credits reset.

If you find yourself continually hitting the limit, try the following to decrease your API usage:

  • Instead of making a request every time you need some information, try caching responses locally and only make requests when you expect that information to change.
  • Keep an eye on your remaining credits, and if you are low try backing off the number of requests you are making until they reset.
  • You might have some API users that you would like to prioritize. If so, only let your high priority API users make requests when you are low on credits.