Practice Making Requests with the Scratchpad

You can make practice requests on the scratchpad.

For your experimentation and learning, Ooyala provides a "scratchpad" where you can practice making requests, see the structure of responses, and familiarize yourself with Ooyala's APIs in general.

Note: The scratchpad accesses your live information and assets. Any changes you make in the scratchpad are reflected in production.

The scratchpad is located at Ooyala API Scratchpad.

In the upper right, you can choose to use either a demo account (which allows only GET requests) or your own account (which allows all methods). To use your own account, provide your account's Ooyala API credentials, which are described in Your API Credentials.

v3 Analytics (Ooyala IQ) API

The following applies only if you are migrated to Ooyala IQ. For v3 Analytics (Ooyala IQ), prefix /v3 to your route. For example, to retrieve the performance report, select GET and input the following: