Authorization Errors

This page provides a reference table for Authorization Error codes that could be returned by the Authorization API.

The following table describes the error codes returned from requests to the Authorization API. See the Authorization API Reference for details about making requests. For an overview, see Authorization.
Error Code Message Text Description
UNKNOWN -2   The authorization code was invalid.
NOT_REQUESTED -1   The video authorization has not been requested.
AUTHORIZED 0 authorized The video playback is authorized.
UNAUTHORIZED_PARENT 1 unauthorized parent The videos' parent is unauthorized
UNAUTHORIZED_DOMAIN 2 unauthorized domain The domain is not authorized to access the requested video.
UNAUTHORIZED_LOCATION 3 unauthorized location The video playback is not authorized for use in this location.
BEFORE_FLIGHT_TIME 4 current time is before the flight start time Access to the video has been requested prior to its allowed time/date range (flight time restriction).
AFTER_FLIGHT_TIME 5 current time is after the flight end time Access to the video has been requested after to its allowed time/date range (flight time restriction).
OUTSIDE_RECURRING_FLIGHT_TIMES 6 current time is outside any availability period Access to the content has been requested outside of its recurring allowed time/date range (flight time restriction).
BAD_EMBED_CODE 7 this is not a recognized embed code The requested video doesn’t exist.
INVALID_SIGNATURE 8 invalid signature The signature of the request is invalid.
MISSING_PARAMS 9 missing parameters The request had missing parameters (for example, Pcode, embed code, embed_token, etc.).
MISSING_RULE_SET 10 missing rule set The authorization service is missing the rule set definition for the request.
UNAUTHORIZED 11 unauthorized The item is unauthorized.
MISSING_PCODE 12 missing pcode The request was missing the provider code.
UNAUTHORIZED_DEVICE 13 unauthorized device The device requesting playback is not authorized.
INVALID_TOKEN 14 invalid token The request contained an invalid embed token - it is expired or the signature is invalid.
TOKEN_EXPIRED 15 token expired The token associated with the request is expired.
UNAUTHORIZED_MULTI_SYND_GROUP 16 One or more syndication rules failed One or more syndication rules associated with the request failed.
PROVIDER_DELETED 17 movie expired The movie’s provider in the request has been removed.
TOO_MANY_ACTIVE_STREAMS 18 Too many open videos. Close other videos on this account and try again in a few minutes The maximum number of active concurrent streams allowed has been exceeded.
MISSING_ACCOUNT_ID 19 missing account id The account ID is missing in the embed token.
NO_ENTITLEMENTS_FOUND 20 no entitlements were found for this user No entitlements were not found for the account id in the request.
NON_ENTITLED_DEVICE 21 device binding failed The device does not have the required entitlements.
NON_REGISTERED_DEVICE 22 device not registered to viewer account The account_id has reached its maximum number of devices.
PROVIDER_OVER_CAP_TRIAL 23 trial limit has been exceeded The provider has surpassed its usage quota during its trial period.
PROXY_DETECTED 24 proxy detected The video is not authorized to playback using a proxy.
ENTITLEMENT_UPDATION_FAILED 25 could not update entitlement for device_binding or rental window An error occurred when registering the device or updating the rental window.
OFFERS_FOR_EMBED_CODE_FAILED 26 could not get offers for this asset No offers for the assets were found in the programming manager.
NON_OVERRIDEN_PAUSED_STATUS 27 paused asset is not using override restrictions syndication group The asset has a paused status.
EMPTY_DEVICE_INFORMATION 28 empty device information No device information was provided during the DRM request.
DEVICE_LIMIT_REACHED 29 device limit reached The maximum number of devices for an entitlement has been reached.
MISSING_SYND_RULE_ID 30 missing syndication rule set id The syndication rule set ID is missing for the video.
CURRENT_ASSET_STATUS 31 current asset status: live (or paused or over_cap_trial) Displays the current asset status.
PROVIDER_PAUSED 32 account status is currently paused The provider has a paused status.
INSUFFICIENT_DEVICE_INFO 33 insufficient device registration information Device information is missing; account_id, auth_id and pcode are mandatory.
BROWSER_VULNERABILITY 34 unable to deliver streams due to a browser vulnerability Vulnerability on browser due to Widevine DRM.