Integrate with the Piano Go Paywall

This topic provides an overview of the integration of the Piano Go paywall (formerly the Tinypass paywall) with Ooyala.

About the Piano Go Paywall

Piano is an e-commerce platform that allows content creators and media owners to monetize their digital content quickly, powerfully, and effectively. The Piano Go paywall is a turnkey implementation with a simple workflow that provides a frictionless checkout experience and is easy to set up.

Integration Features

When integrated with Ooyala, the Piano Go paywall:

  • Provides an HTML5- and Adobe Flash-capable paywall that works in-browser and enhances multi-device support by allowing for easy viewing in desktop and mobile environments.
  • Supports multiple, secure payment methods: major credit cards (American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover) and payment partners (PayPal, Amazon Payments, and Dwolla).
  • Accepts payments in over 30 currencies, including bitcoin (prices quoted in USD).
  • Ensures Level 1 DSS PCI Compliance so that cardholder data is encrypted and maintained on a secure network that is regularly tested and monitored.
  • Provides monetization options (time-based, metering, minimum price, and price windowing).
  • Allows users to create a Piano password after they have completed their purchase.
  • Provides the Piano REST API, which allows you to expand options for contact access, pricing, upgrades, and payment.
  • Provides downloadable data and reports powered by Google Analytics to monitor your transactions, revenue, net income, fees, and conversion rates.

Integration Instructions

Paywall integration requires a Piano account (see Piano registration), which is easy to set up and integrate with your new or existing Ooyala account. To set up integration between Ooyala and the Piano paywall, refer to the Ooyala / Piano integration instructions hosted on the Piano web site. Once the accounts are connected, it is easy to import video information from the publisher’s Backlot account and apply a simple paywall.

Integration Technical Support

For technical support of Ooyala-Piano integrations:

Contact For
Publisher End users contact the publisher with questions via their Piano Go dashboard.
Piano First-line support regarding paywall, payment, and authentication issues, such as Piano account login, viewing initial paywall page, payment verification, and re-accessing videos.
Brightcove Technical Support Post-transaction issues, including video playback and quality.