About Watchlists

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The Watchlist Service powers the 'Add to Watchlist' action and related experiences for authenticated consumers. Video publishers can allow registered consumers to save videos for watching at a later time. Supported Watchlist API operations include managing watchlists (create, update, delete, retrieve), and managing their associated videos (add, update, delete, retrieve).

Default Watchlist and Additional Watchlists

Every user has a default watchlist that the Watchlist Service automatically creates for them. The name attribute for this watchlist is set to "default". A client application can update items on the default watchlist simply by omitting the watchlist_id in the API request.

A client application can, optionally, create additional watchlists per user. The Watchlist Service assigns a unique watchlist_id when a watchlist is created. The client application provides this watchlist_id in subsequent API calls.

Watchlist Items (Videos)

Each watchlist can contain zero or more items (videos).