Custom Analytics (Deprecated)

As users consume your content, Ooyala collects detailed information such as how long they watched, the amount of data delivered, conversion rates, source domains, sharing, and so on. Although this is a substantial amount of analytics, you might have information that is unavailable to Ooyala.

Warning: The v2 Analytics API has been deprecated. See Ooyala IQ Analytics for more details on the new v3 Analytics API.

Data that is unavailable to Ooyala might include the age and gender of the users, whether they are free or paying users, language, political leanings, and so on.

Custom analytics enables you to inject custom information that you can use to create custom reports. To use custom analytics, you dynamically specify one or more tags in the client code at time of embed. When a user accesses the asset, the tags are automatically recorded along with the analytics data.

To use custom analytics, it must be enabled for your account. Once enabled, you set it up through the Backlot API, embed client code that records the custom analytics, and view the output through the Backlot API or Backlot UI.

Note: For information about adding custom analytics to your account, contact Sales, your Customer Success Manager, or Technical Support.