Ooyala Live Overview

Ooyala Live in concert with Ooyala Backlot provides an integrated interface to manage all the challenges of streaming video, including channel management on 24x7 or ad-hoc channels; multiple distribution formats over a variety of content distribution networks; live stream to popular social media, and more.

Welcome to Ooyala Live

Ooyala Live gives you a self-service portal for managing all aspects of your live streaming video. Integrated closely with Ooyala Backlot, Live provides a robust user interface and API to help you stream live video and audio and the ability to capture and re-broadcast critical moments of your live stream.

Save time, reduce cost, proactively engage customers, monitor quality, and more with Ooyala Live. From the moment you decide to become an Ooyala Live user, out technical staff works with you to determine your needs and feature availability. Feature available and cost are dependent on your contractual agreement with Ooyala.
Delivering Live Content
Handle all live streaming and VOD from one platform, including transcoding, packaging, encryption, CDN integration, Backlot asset management, and live stream health and quality.
Syndicate Live Video to Social Media
Ooyala Live supports syndication of live video to several social media video platforms. Ooyala Live now allows syndication to these social media. You can syndicate live video without the need to enable or create syndication rules. You can syndicate to 24x7 or ad-hoc channels.
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Twitter/Periscope
  • Twitch
Add Clips from a Live Stream
You can create short clips from a channel while it is running, save them to Backlot. This is a great way to share highlights or teasers from your live stream with viewers. To enable this feature for your account, please contact your Ooyala Customer Success Manager.
Schedules and Event
Create schedules to manage live events. View existing schedules from the Schedules page. You must have at least 1 channel to be able to create a schedule. Use the Events page to schedule the recording of segments from a channel's live stream for archiving and playback at a later time and date as a video on demand (VOD) asset.
Add Playlists
You can stream prerecorded videos from Ooyala Backlot. To do this, you create a playlist of videos in Ooyala Live, add videos to the playlist, associate the playlist with a channel, and run the channel. When you no longer need a playlist, you can remove it. To enable playlists for your account, please contact your Ooyala Customer Success Manager.
Ooyala Pulse Live Stream Integration (SSAI)
Ooyala Live offers integration with Google’s DFP and Ooyala Pulse to enable SSAI. Your Ooyala representative will onboard your Pulse account and integrate it with your Live account, which will have exclusive access to theAd server account. Your ads will be automatically downloaded and transcoded.
Note: This capability supports only HTTP Live Streaming (HLS ). Therefore, when you create your channel, use an HLS output template.
Ooyala Live is closely integrated with Ooyala Backlot. Ooyala Live customers must also have an Ooyala Backlot account. Live and Backlot share login credentials.

Ooyala Live Release Notes

For detailed information about all Ooyala Live releases, see Ooyala Live Release Notes.