Rights Locker

Rights Locker is a set of application programming interfaces (APIs) for defining and managing entitlements to digital assets. As a whole Rights Locker consists of three sets of APIs and Ooyala services.

API Location Description
Backlot API Backlot REST API
  • Manages assets (videos)
  • Manages labels
  • Manages publishing rules
Rights Locker API Rights Locker API Reference
  • Creates and manages entitlements for customer-defined accounts, using assets, labels and publishing rules defined in the Backlot API
Player Authorization API Player Authorization API for Player V3 (Deprecated)
  • Run-time check of authorization and entitlements

Using Rights Locker has three parts:

  1. With Backlot API methods (documented in the Backlot API Reference), create assets (videos), labels, and publishing rules. (The Backlot UI can also be used.)
  2. With the Rights Locker API described here, combine the predefined assets, labels, and publishing rules to create and group entitlements for individual users.
  3. With the player, verify the authorization to entitlements at playback and when required issue licenses or other credentials for Digital Rights Management (DRM) systems. In the majority of cases, authorization simply occurs, without any programming.