Integration with Twitter Player Cards

Twitter player cards enable you to embed your video content directly in Twitter sites and mobile applications.

Note: Twitter player cards are supported in Player V3 but currently not supported in Player V4.

After you set up Twitter card integration, whenever anyone tweets a link to a page on your site with embedded video, that video will be directly embedded and playable within the Twitter feed.

The following example is from the Twitter web site; it shows a tweet without an embedded video.

The image below shows a tweet with an embedded video, running via the Ooyala Player:

Requirements, Notes, and Caveats

The embedded player is hosted in the Ooyala Internet domain (, but can display your branding based on the Player ID. If you want to view Twitter Card analytics, in Backlot open the Domain report and look for the domain.

  • Use HDS or HD2; for more details contact your Ooyala Customer Success Manager.
  • You must use Player V3.
  • Twitter requires that all your content be served over Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)/HTTPS. See SSL Required for All Content.

Twitter Documentation Links

General Steps

For a basic embedded video in Tweets (as detailed in Creating an Ooyala Player Twitter Card), you must do the following:

  1. Generate the Twitter required <meta> tags and test them using Twitter’s preview.
  2. Add the <meta> tags to a sample web page.
  3. Apply to Twitter to participate in the Twitter Cards program and include a link to your sample web page.
  4. Add the sample code to your production environment.
If you want to include Ooyala player options, such as ad tags, see also Advanced Player Options in Twitter Cards.