Managing Users

Use the User Management subtab under the ACCOUNT tab to manage users associated with your Backlot account and control what they can do.

Role-based Permissions

When you add a user to your account, you can assign one of the following permission levels (based on role):
Role Permission(s)
Administrator Allows access to all of Backlot. Administrators can do anything within Backlot, including adding other users and making purchases.
Manager Managers can do many things Administrators can do except add, edit, or remove users. Managers also have a restricted view of account information.
Upload Only Allows the user to upload content and to view the content they have uploaded. Users with this access level can see only the videos that they have uploaded - they cannot see videos uploaded by other users. This role is used in conjunction with the Ooyala Ingestion Service (OIS), which is described in About Ingesting Content. Upload Only users can also view (in Backlot) a log of the ingest requests they've submitted via OIS (see Viewing the Ingest Log in Backlot).
Analytics Only Allows the user to view analytics, as well as create and export analytics reports.
Read Only Allows the user to access and view the account, but prevents them from making any changes.
Note: User management is an optional feature that is available only to Administrator-level users.

Number of Users per Account

Accounts are permitted up to a certain number of users. The maximum depends on your account type. The maximum includes all users in the master account and any sub-accounts. If you have reached the maximum number of users for your account, Backlot will not allow you to add new users.

Roles and API Access

The following table provides detailed information about which APIs are available to each role type. The words "All access" means that the role has rights to "Create, Read, Update, and Delete."
Role Assets Labels Players Publishing Rules Syndications Analytics
Administrator All access All access All access All access All access All access
Manager All access All access All access All access All access All access
Upload Only All access for assets that the user uploaded Read No access No access No access No access
Analytics Only No access No access No access No access No access Read
Read Only Read Read No access No access No access Read