Supported Platforms

The Ooyala Chromecast Integration supports the following platforms.
Platform Stream Type
Receiver App - HTML5 Chromecast Playback for MP4, HLS streams, DASH, and DASH Widevine
Sender App - iOS SDK (compatible with iOS 7.x+) CAST Session Management & In Device Playback
Sender App - Android SDK (compatible with Android 4.x+) CAST Session Management & In Device Playback
Note: SMOOTH is not officiallu supported in this release.

Supported Player Features

The Ooyala integration with Chromecast supports the following player features:
Player Feature Type

Chromecast Receiver Stream Selection (see Requirements for Chromecast Integration).

Note: You need to ask Brightcove Technical Support to enable an HLS (needs to be verified), MP4 (needs to be verified), or DASH processing profile for Chromecast for your account.

HLS (Baseline)

Note: If you use OTS for transcoding, only baseline profiles are supported. However, if you use remote transcoding or transcoding other than OTS, baseline, main, and high profile are supported.
Content Protection Digital Rights Management: DASH Widevine
Device Registration (see Requirements for Chromecast Integration)
Concurrent Streams Limit (see Requirements for Chromecast Integration)
Geo Restriction
Syndication Rules
Ooyala Player Token
Content Types VoD (HLS, MP4, DASH)
Live (HLS, DASH)
Remote Assets
Closed Captions VOD
Analytics for Chromecast Integration Ooyala IQ tracks Chromecast device plays. You can monitor Chromecast receiver analytics by looking at data for browser=chrome, deviceOs=chromecast, and deviceType=settop.
ABR regulated by Google's Media Player Library HLS, DASH
Cross Device Resume iOS, Android
Error Mapping You can map custom error messages on the Receiver and Sender
Sample Apps We provide sample sender applications: The sample receiver applications (ChromecastSampleApp) are open source at and