Chromecast Integration

This topic describes how to use Ooyala's integration with Chromecast.
Google’s Chromecast technology allows users to “cast” video content from their iOS or Android powered personal devices to a second screen, such as a TV screen or display unit, that is connected with the Chromecast HDMI dongle.
Ooyala Player V4 is used for playback of videos in this version of the Google Chromecast receiver. You can enable Chromecast by adding a page-level parameter with the Player embed where the Chromecast receiver's ID is listed as the value of the appID parameter. The player will then detect if a Chromecast receiver with that ID is available and it will be shown on the Player control bar if available to cast. See more details further in this section in Enabling Chromecast in the Ooyala HTML5 Player.
Ooyala now provides a Chromecast integration that includes sample sender and receiver applications that you can integrate with easily in order to go to market with Chromecast streaming capabilities for your content libraries. You customize the sample applications to fit with your branding, within the constraints of Google’s Chromecast receiver app framework.