Integration Overview

This topic provides an overview of integrating with Ooyala’s sender and receiver applications.

Step 1: Integrate with the Sender Application

Integrate with Ooyala and the Cast SDK using a sender application. See the following topics:

Step 2: Integrate with the Receiver Application

Integrate with Ooyala and the Cast SDK using the default receiver application. See Build a Chromecast Receiver Application.

Step 3: Cast a Video

Cast a video using the following steps (which reflect the “Connect & Play” Chromecast use case).
Note: Make sure that the sender and Chromecast receiver are on the same wifi network.
  1. Launch the sender application according to the applicable instructions in Sample Sender Application for iOS or Sample Sender Application for Android.
  2. Click the Cast button on the sender application.
  3. Select a Cast Device in the sender application. The receiver application displays a splash screen or logo.
  4. Choose a video content to play in the sender application.
  5. Click “play” on the desired video in the sender application.