Sample Sender Application for Android

Ooyala provides a sample sender application for Android that runs a working version of the sender and receiver components of the Ooyala Chromecast Integration.


To perform the following steps to run the Android sample app, you must have:
  • A computer running Android Studio.
  • A receiver with the chromecast module installed.
  • An Android device running Android SDK 4.x or newer with the Chromecast App installed and paired with the receiver. This process is well documented by following the set up steps that appear when the app is opened on the device.

Running the Sample Sender Application for Android

Note: If you are repeating these steps, make sure the app is removed from your device before beginning the second pass.
  1. Clone the Ooyala SDK for Android Sample Apps repository.
  2. Open Android Studio.
  3. Select Open an Existing Android Studio Project:
    Open Existing Android Studio Project
  4. Navigate to android-sample-apps, select ChromeCastSampleApp and click Choose for OS or OK for Windows.
    Navigate the Android Sample Apps
  5. Wait for the Gradle execution to complete. The sample app opens in the IDE.
    Show the App
  6. Confirm the Project tab is active.
    Project Tab
  7. Select Run.
    Run Button
  8. Choose the connected device from the selection menu and click OK.
    Selection Menu
    The app is running on the device:
    List of Apps
  9. Tap the broadcast icon (in the top right corner) to select the Chromecast receiver. Broadcast Icon
  10. Tap to select the correct Chromecast receiver from the list:
    Select the Chromecast Receiver
  11. Tap to select a video to send to the receiver.
The app is now playing on the receiver.