Enabling Chromecast in the Ooyala HTML5 Player

Note: Google Chrome version 72 (released on 2019-02-01) introduced HTTPS as mandatory for Chromecast. For more on this, please see this update from Google.

To enable Chromecast in the Ooyala HTML5 Player, use on of the following methods:

  • Add the following code block in the parameters in config.json:

    "chromecast": {"appId":"[your_chromecast_app_id]","enable":true}

    Where the appID value ('your_chromecast_app_id' in the example above) should correspond to your Chromecast receiver's ID.

    You can add this line anywhere on the file as a root-level field, for example:


    The Player will then detect if a Chromecast receiver with the specified ID is available and that will be shown on the Player control bar if available to cast.

  • Use page level parameters in a similar way as described above:

    "chromecast": {"appId":"[your_chromecast_app_id]","enable":true}
Note: For more information about the Chromecast receiver, see Introduction to Chromecast Integration.